Venison and Wild Game Processing

We do not process bear (whole or trim) any longer.

2023 Venison Pricing Sheet

We offer year-round wild game processing using the same expert techniques that have won us many awards. In order to meet our high-quality standards, we will only accept clean wild game. Our staff will inspect the wild game upon receiving and at other steps in the process to ensure there is no freezer burn, hair, bone chips, odor, or excessive contaminants. If your wild game does not meet our standards we will contact you. Our reputation is the product you receive.

We require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit at drop-off. Any orders not picked up within 60 days of completion will be donated to the food pantry. Your deposit will not be refunded.

Whole deer and wild game burger brought in for processing are kept separate and you receive your own wild game back.

All batches of sausage are blended in small batches of 2-4 orders to achieve good mixing of spices, but rest assured that we inspect all wild game to meet our high-quality standards.

Please remember that pork is added to your venison. All sausage product is subject to shrink during the smoking process.

Venison and CWD: We provide a custom processing service for your game animals and take the highest precautions in safety and sanitation of our facilities and equipment. We cannot guarantee that any animal brought in for processing does or does not have CWD. That testing may be done by game agency officials or by sportsmen, but cannot be done in this facility. We cannot assume responsibility for animal testing or failure to test for CWD.

Custom Meats of Marathon, Inc.'s viewpoint on CWD is based upon the position of the Dept. of Agriculture that there is no evidence that CWD is transmittable to humans. These views are also shared by the World Health Organization and the Center of Disease Control.

Although there is no scientific evidence, Custom Meats would encourage all hunters to follow the guidelines set by the Dept. of Agriculture on cutting your wild game.